Fascia Repair Services

Fascia Repairs Protect Your Home From Damage!

What We Do:

We provide Fascia Repair Services for homes throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. With the use of quality repair materials as well as years of experience we will fix your fascia to help protect your home.

What is Fascia?

The Fascia Board runs along the edge of the roof and is connected to the ends of the rafters or trusses and is often the point where the gutters are attached to the roof. In other words, the Fascia Board is often what supports your roof’s drainage system. The Fascia board also provides a barrier between the roof’s edge and the outdoor elements. Damaged or rotten Fascia can lead to water damage during the wet weather and we all know that the Lower Mainland is famous for its wet weather.

Fascia board also plays an important role in the outer appearance of your home. Instead of seeing rough cut lumber sticking out along the roof’s edge; the fascia board provides a smooth finished look. The Fascia Board is also important to keep rodents and other pests from getting into your attic. A broken or rotten Fascia Board is just like leaving the front door open to all of the wonderful little critters of the world. Is your Fascia Board rotten, broken, or in need of some other form of repair?

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fascia board that needs replacing

Fascia That Needs a Repair Job