Fence Repairs and Installations

We Can Fix Almost Any Type of Fence in The Lower Mainland!

Fence Repairs For Appearance and Privacy

A good looking and functioning fence can help maintain privacy and curb appeal for your property. A solid fence can also help with keeping the dog in the backyard, child safety, and perimeter security. We repair a variety of fence types and can save you a bundle compared to paying somebody to install an entirely new fence.

Fence Repairs vs. Fence Replacement

Many damaged fences can be repaired instead of replaced. As you can see from the photo, we can even repair fence panels that are completely destroyed. Having custom fence panels built can be quite costly; then their is the wait time along with the inconvenience of having to have it either delivered or picked up. We can repair most fences in such a way that you will never even know that they were damaged prior to the repair. We use quality fence materials and have plenty of experience.

How Much Does Fence Repair Cost?

The cost of fence repairs can vary from project to project. Things like repair materials and required labour play a factor in final costs.

If you would like more information about our fence repair services then please call us or Contact Us Online.

Fence Repair Before and After

Before and After Fence Repairs in Surrey, BC