The squeaky deck board gets the screw!

We might be able to help stop squeaky deck boards with something as simple as a few screws. Before committing to the costs of rebuilding a new deck,

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Deck repairs can be a cost-effective alternative to building a new deck.

At AnythingGoes Handyman Services we have years of experience repairing and cleaning decks. Sometimes you can make your old deck look brand-new with a few new plank boards and a pressure washing. We don't like to take on large jobs like building entire decks from scratch but we are great at smaller jobs. When your deck needs a good cleaning or some simple repairs you can save a bundle if you find a local handyman.

  • Pressure washing and cleaning services.
  • Fix those loose or squeaky deck boards.
  • We can install ledge boards.
  • Repair or replace stair stringers.
  • Replace deck poles, posts and planks.
  • Paint or seal your deck for year-round protection.

At AnythingGoes we have some creative solutions to everyday problems. Sometimes a handyman can find an economical solution for what would otherwise be a costly repair if using a traditional contractor.

We provide deck cleaning and deck repair service throughout the Lower Mainland including, but not limited to: Vancouver, Surrey, White Rock, Delta, and Langley. Our standard handyman rates start at $60/hour and we are available 7 days-a-week by appointment.

Call your local handyman today!

(Call 7 Days-A-Week 8:00am to 8:00pm)

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